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The brief introduction of myself

I have been thinking to write something of my own from a long time, I started it sometime back by creating my first post and than again went dark for a long time. But now i am back and this time i think i will stay alive for much more longer time. I always used to feel that how it will feel to share you & your life with others when you write but now i feel If i will start something than only i will be able to make it a successful attempt.


Hardware & Networking Engineer   •   WEB DESIGNER   •   Interior Decorator

You know If you won’t run how you can’t expect to win the race so the first thing is to run and if i am sincere enough than the result will follow me. 🙂

This is my first post so i would like to introduce myself to them who do not know me personally.

My Name is Suraj Parkash Dheer(Dheer for almost all of them who know me too as they do not know my surname). I born in Rajasthan, INDIA. I have done my BCA from Jaipur University, INDIA & MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) in 1999 from Chandigarh, INDIA after my Secondary School. Also done Diploma in Carpentry from ITI Chandigarh & was working with Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa till July 2016 as IT Manager. This was a quick Introduction of my profile which i am sure boring and monotonous to all of you.

So here we go…. I Love Driving(not a professional but i love it), Technology,Interiors, working on weird ideas for IT & Electronics  field, watching movies. I have been working for IT & Electronics from along time but very active from last few years in IT.

I have lived in a joint family from my childhood, I love my culture, my traditions and the place where i have come from.

For the first post i think its enough will keep posting a lot of stuff keep in touch….

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